From 2014. we are in Marina Dalmacija, Bibinje Sukošan, 6Nm South from Zadar.



This question makes in fact no sense, but we'll try to answer hereto adequately as expected:

¨Where are we exactly¨ can be an interesting question in the sense that we have no idea where we are and the nearest explanation would be the following:

Our universe (whatever it is)
Our galaxy (the one being in collision with Andromeda for many years)
Sol system (our term for the Solar system)
Earth (roughly, the third larger matter accumulation from the Central star)
Europe (a piece of surface on the previously mentioned planet)
Croatia (with the prefix ¨Republic¨ due to the internal political system)
23000 Zadar (here it's beginning to get complicated as numbers and letters occur)
Grgura Budislavića 99 ( we really don't know how to define this phenomenon)
2nd floor, 3rd door on the left (ok,ok, we know, it applies only in case you climb the stairs)

Should you have any question after all referring to the question ¨where are we¨, don't worry! We indeed have the same problem.
If we ask ourselves what are the other galaxies, we'll quickly get to the question ¨who are we anyway¨, and then the question ¨where are we¨ makes definitely no sense.



We are very grateful to the city of Zadar for the project ¨Business incubator¨ and its program supporting small and medium entrepreneurs.
Namely, through this project we managed to have our workshop and head office in the so called ¨Business incubator¨-building of the city of Zadar, Grgur Budislavić 99, Zadar, district Novi Bokanjac.

For navigators and internet surfers:

  • 44°08'50,35''N
  • 015º14'05,42''E
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Grgura Budislavića 99
HR-23000 Zadar
e: skiper.zadar@gmail.com
mob: ++385/(0)95 837 4749
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